March 19, 2018

Cambodia kicks off drills with 'great friend' China as U.S. ties sour

China's army soldiers attend the opening of the "Dragon Gold 2018" military exercise in Kampong Speu province, Cambodia, March 17, 2018. REUTERS/Stringer

Prak Chan Thul | MARCH 17, 2018 / 1:22 AM

PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - China and Cambodia on Saturday kicked off military exercises focused on counter-terrorism and rescue operations, highlighting the strong ties between the two countries amid strained relations between Cambodia and the United States.

Major General Zhang Jian, commander of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Southern Theatre Command, and Pol Saroeun, commander-in-chief of the Cambodian military, opened the Dragon Gold 2018 exercise west of Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh.

Pol Saroeun said the exercise, which involves 280 Cambodian and 216 Chinese soldiers, aims to celebrate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties and strengthen the “traditional relationship and trust politically between the two countries”.

China is Cambodia’s largest foreign investor and has poured billions of dollars into infrastructure projects in the country.

March 18, 2018

១៨មីនា ព្រឹត្តិការណ៍គួរដឹង...

នរណាគេជឿ? (ដោយ ពូសិទ្ធ)

Hun Sen follows in Pol Pot’s footsteps

Sam Rainsy | ១៦ មីនា ២០១៨ / 16 March 2018 – Hun Sen follows in Pol Pot’s footsteps (*)

ហ៊ុន សែន ដើរតាមគន្លង ប៉ុល ពត

កាលពី ៤០ ឆ្នាំមុន ជំងឺសសៃប្រសាទរបស់ ប៉ុល ពត បានធ្វើឲ្យគាត់ឃើញតែសត្រូវជុំវិញខ្លួន ហើយដើរចោទគេចោទឯង ថាជា "ជនក្បត់" ដែលធ្វើការឲ្យ CIA (របស់សហរដ្ឋអាមេរិក) KGB (របស់សហភាពសូវៀត) ឬក៏ ធ្វើការឲ្យយួនតែម្តង។ ឥឡូវនេះ ហ៊ុន សែន ដែលធ្លាប់ធ្វើជាមេកងពលក្រោមបញ្ជារបស់ ប៉ុល ពត កំពុងតែដើរតាមគន្លងរបស់ ប៉ុល ពត។ គាត់កំពុងរកលេសគ្រប់បែបយ៉ាង ចោទប្រកាន់ កឹម សុខា និងរូបខ្ញុំ ដើម្បីកម្ចាត់អ្នកទិតៀនទាំង អស់ ដែលហ៊ានប្រឆាំងអំណាចកាន់តែឃោរឃៅរបស់គាត់។ មិនយូរទេ គាត់នឹងចោទប្រកាន់ថែមទៀតថា កឹម សុខា និងខ្ញុំ ជា "ជនក្បត់" ដែលធ្វើការឲ្យប្រទេសអាល្លឺម៉ង់ (Germany) ពេលណាគាត់ដឹងថាកម្មវិធីនយោបាយរបស់គណបក្សសង្គ្រោះជាតិ បានរៀបចំឡើងដោយមានការផ្គត់ផ្គង់ ពីអង្គការអាល្លឺម៉ង់ពីរ គឺ មូលនិធិ Konrad Adenauer និងមូលនិធិ Friedrich Naumann។ ហ៊ុន សែន អើយ ! ឈប់ឆ្កួតទៅ !

(*) Forty years ago Pol Pot's paranoia led him to accuse countless people of "treason" and of being agents of the CIA, the KGB or the Vietnamese.

Dhamma talk by Maha Thera Dr. Hok Savann on March 17, 2018

From KI reader Ngnin Chhorn

Turnbull takes Cambodia to task

9 NEWS,  Mar 16, 2018

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has expressed concern to Cambodia's leader about the nation's crumbling democracy and human rights record while hundreds of expats protest at the ASEAN summit.

Mr Turnbull is hosting leaders from the 10-country Association of South-East Asian Nations and had bilateral talks with Prime Minister Hun Sen on Friday afternoon.

Cambodia is on a spiral towards authoritarianism following last year's ban on the main opposition party, the arrest of opposition leader Kem Sokha and the forced closure of an English-language newspaper.

The opposition party had been poised to strongly challenge Hun Sen's 33-year rule at the July election.

Mr Turnbull insists Australia has "frank engagement" with all ASEAN countries.

"We approach ASEAN with the greatest respect. We respect the consensus model on which it is based and we will be discussing issues of every description," Mr Turnbull told reporters.

Peeling back layers of prehistory in Battambang

Laang Spean cave in Battambang province, which contains some of the oldest evidence of humankind in Cambodia, extends over 1,200 square metres, and archaeologists there have brought 71,000-year-old human traces to light. Post Staff

Leonie Kijewski and Kong Meta | Battambang | The Phnom Penh Post
Publication date 16 March 2018 | 09:20 ICT

When the man passed away, he had not yet reached 50.

He belonged to a tribe that had settled near the Sangker River in Battambang province, likely cultivating the fields and raising animals. On the side, they hunted for boars, and even turtles, one of which would be laid in his grave to accompany him to his next life. Alongside pottery, jewellery and bangles, he would survive in fossilised form until thousands of years later when he would be discovered by a team of archaeologists in Cambodia.

One of these archaeologists is Heng Sophady, deputy director general for Cultural Heritage at the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, who has devoted his life to uncovering Cambodia’s ancient past. For almost 10 years, he and his French-Cambodian team have been digging in Laang Spean cave in Battambang’s Ratanak Mondol district, making discoveries like the man’s grave, which provide evidence of the earliest known civilisations in Cambodia.

With its wide, open mouth and high ceilings, Laang Spean covers about 1,200 square metres and is the biggest of 13 caves on Phnom Teak Treng.

Fresh crab, without all the work, in Tuol Kork

Kim Sotheary manages Cha Kdam Kampot, or ‘Kampot Crab Fried Rice’, a new food cart in the capital with a very limited menu. Hong Menea

Suntharoth Ouk | The Phnom Penh Post  
Publication date 16 March 2018 | 10:07 ICT

Along a row of food carts inside the sparkling compound of CUPS Coffee on Street 337 in Tuol Kork, an extension of a Kampot favourite has recently set up shop in the capital.

Bai Cha Kdam Kampot, or “Kampot Crab Fried Rice”, is run by Kim Sotheary, 23, whose uncle founded a popular eating house in Kampot in 2010. Her restaurant has different ownership, and chefs, but the family recipes have migrated from the coast. Here it is all fried rice and crab, all the time, but the fresh seafood and house-made Koh Kong sauce make it worth seeking out.

When Lak Sichay opened his shop in Kampot more than seven years ago, the dish was hard to find, but since then it has become popular among Phnom Penh diners. That popularity inspired Sotheary to open a food cart two months ago in the capital so that customers can eat it without having to make the trip to Kampot.

The dish is served along with a plate of chopped fresh cucumber, a small bowl of pork bone soup, some carrot, radish and a sprinkle of fried garlic and spring onions. But it’s the Koh Kong sauce – with the perfect balance between sweet, savoury and spicy – alongside the fresh crab that is the essence of the dish’s flavour.

All the news that’s fit to protect

Leng Kok An and Suon Kosal inspect newspapers to be delivered before leaving for France on Monday. Alessandro Marazzi Sassoon

Alessandro Marazzi Sassoon and Ouk Suntharoth | The Phnom Penh Post
Publication date 16 March 2018 | 10:06 ICT

In a hot, cramped room within the library at Phnom Penh’s Wat Ounalom, researchers Leng Kok An and Suon Kosal have just about finished packing a 2,500-kilogram delivery of newspapers into cardboard shipping boxes.

Kok An, Kosal and follower researcher Kun Sopheap will escort the boxes beginning on Monday on a 20-day trip to Paris, eventually delivering the load to the French School of the Far East’s collection of Cambodian publications at the Library of Oriental Languages and Civilizations (BULAC).

There, under the watch of EFEO professor Olivier de Bernon, what may be the single largest collection of Cambodian newspapers and magazines is collected, going as far back as 1964.

“The Ministry of Information may not have this much information,” Kok An says with a laugh.

The collection was established in 1990 by de Bernon before it was acquired and funded by the EFEO in 2005, when Kok An and his colleagues made their first trip to Paris. This will be the third delivery to add to the trove.

French cultural exchange kicks off on Saturday

A large metal sculpture of a bull by Ou Vanndy. Alessandro Marazzi Sassoon

Alessandro Marazzi Sassoon | The Phnom Penh Post  
Publication date 16 March 2018 | 10:42 ICT

A 15-day celebration of French and Cambodian culture and exchange is set to kick off on Saturday with an open house and concert at the French Institute, which will be followed by a series of free and ticketed cultural, culinary and entrepreneurial events throughout Phnom Penh.

“Culture, gastronomy, artisanship, entrepreneurship” – those are the four guiding themes of the events, said Guillaume Massin, president of French-Cambodian chamber of commerce, who along with Franck Sampéré, president of the Good France Cambodia committee, helped organise the event with French Embassy.

A French dinner, networking boat cruise and a lecture by renowned French foreign correspondent Florence Aubenas are just a sampling of the 11 events scheduled through the end of the month, for which the full schedule can be accessed by visiting the Facebook page of the French Embassy.

“One value [of the events] is the dialogue between cultures, the opening of one to another, and it’s really this opening through culture that France promotes enormously; I find this is important,” French Ambassador Eva Nguyen Binh told The Post at a press conference at the French Embassy on Thursday.

Originally a weeklong occasion, Binh said this year the sheer number of events slated necessitated an expansion from simply a “French week” to a “French fifteen” or la quinzaine Française as it’s been dubbed in French.

Region in ‘learning crises’

A teacher guides students through an exercise in at Phnom Penh’s Wat Koh High School in 2014. A World Bank report released on Thursday says that a 60 percent of the region’s students are in educations systems with ‘learning crises’. Photo supplied

Yesenia Amaro | The Phnom Penh Post
Publication date 16 March 2018 | 09:44 ICT

A whopping 60 percent of students in the region, including those in Cambodia, are enrolled in education systems that are grappling with “learning crises” and are failing to provide them with the skills they need to succeed, according to a new report released by the World Bank on Thursday.

That percentage represents a total of 97.9 million students – some 3.5 million in the Kingdom – according to the report.

The report says the other 40 percent, or 63.8 million of the East Asia and the Pacific region’s students, are enrolled in top-performing or above-average systems, in countries like China and Vietnam.

“Yet up to 60 percent of students in East Asia and Pacific are in poorly performing school systems where performance in key subjects is either low or unknown,” the report reads. “Students in rural Cambodia, Indonesia, or the Lao People’s Democratic Republic may perform farm duties before having to undertake a long walk to an ill-equipped rural school and sit in a classroom staffed by an underprepared teacher.”

Rebuffed cryptocurrency company Entapay claims support from RCAF

A walk-in cryptocurrency exchange in Seoul, South Korea, on September 28. A company which was recently called out for claiming to launch a ‘Cambodia national cryptocurrency’ has said it received support from the Kingdom’s military. Jean Chung/The New York Times

Brendan O’Byrne and Hor Kimsay | The Phnom Penh Post
Publication date 16 March 2018 | 10:57 ICT

The strange saga of cryptocurrency company Entapay falsely claiming the endorsement of the Cambodian government continued yesterday when the firm issued a press release alleging that it had the support of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF) – a claim denied by military officials.

Entapay’s press release says that company officials met a “Benxian Xing”, who they said was a deputy commander of RCAF and head of the Royal Gendarmerie. The release claimed the meeting “signifies the Cambodia Blockchain Industry Development Association and Entapay have gained the Support of the Cambodian Military”.

No Cambodia general named Benxian Xing appears to exist, but on the “Acknowledgements” section of Entapay’s website, there is a picture of Hing Bun Heang displayed above that name. Bun Heang is the deputy commander of RCAF and head of Prime Minister Hun Sen’s personal Bodyguard Unit.

Contacted yesterday, Bun Heang cut off a reporter’s questions to ask, “You believe the company?” He went on to say he had a good name that some people use for bad reasons before hanging up the phone.

លោក ហ៊ុន សែន ប្រកាស​មិន​ចរចា​ជាមួយ​បក្ស​ប្រឆាំង ដោយសារ​ការ​ដុត​ទីងមោង​រូប​លោក

លោក ហ៊ុន សែន (ស្ដាំ) និង​លោក សម រង្ស៊ី ថ្លែង​ទៅ​កាន់​អ្នក​កាសែត បន្ទាប់​ពី​ប្រជុំ នៅ​មន្ទីរ​រដ្ឋសភា ថ្ងៃ​ទី ៨ ខែ​សីហា ឆ្នាំ ២០១៤។ RFA/Yeang Socheametta

2018-03-17  RFA

លោក ហ៊ុន សែន ប្រាប់​អ្នក​គាំទ្រ​លោក​ថា ដោយសារ​តែ​ការ​ដុត​ទីងមោងរូប​​របស់​លោក ដូច្នោះ​លោក​មាន​លេស​ប្រាប់​សហគមន៍​អន្តរជាតិ​ថា លោក​មិន​អាច​ចរចា​នឹង​គណបក្ស​ប្រឆាំង​បាន​ឡើយ។ លោក​ថា ការ​ដុត​​ទីងមោង​រូប​របស់​លោក បង្ហាញ​ថា គណបក្ស​ប្រឆាំង​គ្មាន​ឆន្ទៈ និង​ស្មោះត្រង់​ក្នុង​ការ​ចរចា។

ទោះបីជា​យ៉ាង​ណា លោក ហ៊ុន សែន ប្រកាស​បន្ត​បើក​ទ្វារ​ចរចា​នឹង​គណបក្ស​នយោបាយ​ផ្សេង​ទៀត ជុំវិញ​ការ​បោះឆ្នោត។

កាល​ពី​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​១៧ មីនា ពលរដ្ឋ​ខ្មែរ​អូស្ត្រាលី ប្រមាណ​ជាង ១​ពាន់​នាក់ មក​ពី​ទីក្រុង និង​រដ្ឋ​ផ្សេងៗ នៃ​ប្រទេស​អូស្ត្រាលី បាន​មក​ជួប​ជុំ​គ្នា​នៅ​ចំ​ពី​មុខ​សាលាក្រុង​ស៊ីដនី ដើម្បី​ធ្វើ​បាតុកម្ម​ដុត​ទីងមោង​ប្រឆាំង​លោក​នាយករដ្ឋមន្ត្រី ហ៊ុន សែន។ ពួក​គេ​ទាមទារ​ឲ្យ​លោក ហ៊ុន សែន គោរព​សិទ្ធិមនុស្ស និង​ដោះលែង​លោក កឹម សុខា ប្រធាន​គណបក្ស​សង្គ្រោះ​ជាតិ។ ការ​ដុត​​ទីងមោង​រូប​លោក ហ៊ុន សែន កន្លង​មក មាន​ការ​ចូលរួម​ពី​ពលរដ្ឋ​ខ្មែរ​អាមេរិក និង​អូស្ត្រាលី ដោយ​មិន​មាន​ការ​ចូលរួម​ពី​គណបក្ស​ប្រឆាំង​ជា​ផ្លូវការ​នោះ​ទេ។

លោក ហ៊ុន សែន ក៏​ប្រកាស​ជា​ថ្មី​ទៀត​ថា លោក​មិន​នៅ​ពី​ក្រោយ​ឃាតក​បាញ់​សម្លាប់ បណ្ឌិត កែម ឡី ឡើយ។ លោក​ចោទ​ប្រកាន់​ថា អ្នក​ដែល​សម្លាប់​លោក កែម ឡី ជា​ភ្នាក់ងារ​អាមេរិក។ ប៉ុន្តែ​ភរិយា និង​អ្នក​គាំទ្រ​បណ្ឌិត កែម ឡី នៅ​តែ​មិន​ទាន់​ជឿជាក់​លើ​ការ​អះអាង​របស់​លោក ហ៊ុន សែន នៅ​ឡើយ​ទេ។ ពួក​គេ​លើក​ឡើង​ថា ប្រសិនបើ​លោក ហ៊ុន សែន មិន​នៅ​ពី​ក្រោយ​ឃាតកម្ម​បណ្ឌិត កែម ឡី ទេ ហេតុ​អ្វី​បាន​ជា​លោក​បាន​បង្ក​ឧបសគ្គ​ជា​ច្រើន​ដល់​ការ​ធ្វើ​បុណ្យ​សព និង​ការ​ទាមទារ​ស្វែងរក​យុត្តិធម៌​ដល់​បណ្ឌិត កែម ឡី៕

Hundreds gather in Sydney during ASEAN to protest against human rights abuses

PHOTO: Politicians at the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit 2018. (ABC News: Taryn Southcombe)

By Nadia Daly | ABC News, March 17, 2018

Hundreds of protesters have gathered in the centre of Sydney to condemn human rights abuses in South-East Asia as a major conference of world leaders gets underway.

Protestors from Australia's Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laos, Burmese and Filippino communities united at Town Hall and voiced their concerns on the first day of the ASEAN summit.

The protestors' issues were varied, from alleged human rights abuses in Cambodia and the Philippines, to the Rohingya Muslim crisis in Myanmar.

Seeking justice for a life lost

Bou Raschana, the wife of Cambodian doctor and activist Kem Ley, who was assassinated in 2016, attended the protest to demand justice for her husband.

"He loved his country, he spoke out for the good in his country," said Mrs Raschana, who, along with her children, has been accepted as a refugee in Australia.

Cambodian community rallies in Sydney against Hun Sen's ASEAN visit despite threat of beating

PHOTO: Sisomar Srey is incensed with how Hun Sen treats her country and says he does not respect democracy. (ABC News: Nadia Daly)

By Nadia Daly and Paige Cockburn | ABC News, March 16, 2018

Cambodian Australians of all ages have put fear aside and gathered in Sydney to protest against human rights abuses in their homeland, despite their leader's threat to "beat them".

Hundreds rallied in Hyde Park ahead of the ASEAN-Australia summit this weekend which Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen is in town for.

Last month he issued a warning to anyone planning to demonstrate against him during his trip: "If they burn my effigy ... I will pursue them to their houses and beat them up".

Late last year Hun Sen used the courts to dissolve Cambodia's main opposition party, the Cambodia National Rescue Party, ahead of elections scheduled for later this year.

The party's leader, Kem Sokha, was jailed for treason and many of the party's other senior figures fled the country, including Vice-President Mu Sochua.

Ms Sochua told the ABC recently, "democracy in Cambodia is dead"


ជន​រងគ្រោះ​សម្រាក​ព្យាបាល​របួស​​ពោះវៀន​ដាច់ នៅ​មន្ទីរពេទ្យ​មិត្តភាព​កម្ពុជា ជប៉ុន​ស្រុក​មង្គលបូរី កាល​ពី​ដើម​ខែ​មករា ឆ្នាំ២០១៨។ Provided photo

ដោយ​ វ៉ែន សុមេធ RFA 2018-03-17

មន្ត្រី​អង្គការ​សង្គម​ស៊ីវិល​ចាត់​ទុក​ដីកា​កោះ​នេះ ​ថា ជា​សញ្ញា​មួយ​ល្អ ដើម្បី​ផ្ដល់​យុត្តិធម៌​ដល់​ជនរងគ្រោះ ហើយ​ជន​ប្រព្រឹត្តិ​នឹង​ទទួល​ទោស​តាម​ផ្លូវច្បាប់។ បងប្រុស​ជនរងគ្រោះ​នៅ​ភូមិ​បាលិលេយ្យ ២ សង្កាត់​ប៉ោយប៉ែត លោក សាន គឹមសែន ឲ្យ​ដឹង​នៅ​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​១៦ មីនា​ថា មូលហេតុ​ដែល​លោក​ប្ដឹង​រក​យុត្តិធម៌​លើ​សំណុំ​រឿង​នេះ ដោយសារ​អត់ទ្រាំ​នឹង​ការ​គំរាមកំហែង​​​និយាយ​ឌឺដង​ដល់​ក្រុម​គ្រួសារ​លោក ពី​សំណាក់​មន្ត្រី​កងរាជអាវុធហត្ថ​ក្រុង​ប៉ោយប៉ែត។ លោក​អះអាង​ទៀត​ថា លោក​បាន​ត្រៀមខ្លួន​រួច​ជា​ស្រេច ដើម្បី​ចូល​ទៅ​បំភ្លឺ​ដល់​តំណាង​អយ្យការ នៃ​សាលាដំបូង​ខេត្ត​បន្ទាយមានជ័យ តាម​ដីកា​កោះហៅ​នៅ​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​២០ មីនា៖ «ខ្ញុំ​ចង់​ឲ្យ​ជន​ប្រព្រឹត្តិ​មាន​ភាព​ទទួល​ខុស​ត្រូវ​លើ​ប្អូន​របស់​ខ្ញុំ ព្រោះ​អី​ប្អូន​ខ្ញុំ​ឥឡូវ​ធ្វើ​ការ​មិន​កើត​ទេ ហើយ​គ្រួសារ​ម្ដាយ​ខ្ញុំ​មាន​តែ​ប្អូន​ខ្ញុំ ដែល​រងគ្រោះ​នេះ​ឯង គ្រាន់​ជួយ​រក​ប្រាក់​ចំណូល​ដោះស្រាយ​ជីវភាព​គ្រួសារ ហើយ​ដល់​ពេល​ប្អូន​ខ្ញុំ​ត្រូវ​របួស​ធ្ងន់​មក គឺ​ម្ដាយ​ខ្ញុំ​មិន​មាន​ប្រាក់​ចំណូល​ដូច​មុន​ទេ»។

លោក សាន គឹម​សែន រៀបរាប់​ឲ្យ​ដឹង​ថា កាល​ពី​យប់​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​២១ មករា មាន​ការ​ឈ្លោះ​ប្រកែក​គ្នា​រវាង​រូប​លោក និង​ក្រុម​អ្នក​រៀបចំ​កម្មវិធី​ប្រគំតន្ត្រី​របស់​ស្រាបៀ​កម្ពុជា​នៅ​ក្នុង​ប៉ោយប៉ែត ដោយសារ​តែ​ការ​យល់​ច្រឡំ​គ្នា។ លោក​បន្ថែម​ទៀត​ថា ក្រោយ​មក​មន្ត្រី​កងរាជអាវុធហត្ថ​ក្រុង​ប៉ោយប៉ែត​ប្រមាណ ១០​នាក់ ក៏​បាន​ចូល​មក​ទៅ​បង្ក្រាប ដោយ​សមត្ថកិច្ច​បាន​វាយ​រូប​លោក​រហូត​ដួល​សន្លប់ ហើយ​ភ្លាមៗ នោះ ប្អូន​របស់​លោក​ឈ្មោះ សាន គឹមសាន អាយុ ២៣​ឆ្នាំ ក៏​មក​ជួយ​ឃាត់ ស្រាប់​តែ​មន្ត្រី​កងរាជអាវុធហត្ថ​ក៏​បាន​ចាប់​ប្អូន​លោក​ទាត់​ធាក់​ហើយ​ឈូស​នឹង​ស្បែក​ជើង​ជា​ច្រើន​ជើង បណ្ដាល​ឲ្យ​ដាច់​​ពោះវៀន​ធ្លាយ​ជា ៣​កំណាត់។

សកម្មជន​បរិស្ថាន​ថា ការ​រំសាយ​ដែន​ជម្រក​សត្វ​ព្រៃ​ជាង ១១​ម៉ឺន​ហិកតារ ជា​ការ​គេចវេះ​ពី​ការ​ទទួលខុស​ត្រូវ​របស់​ស្ថាប័ន​ជំនាញ

ក្រសួងបរិស្ថាន ៦២២Printscreen photo

ដោយ​ ម៉ៅ សុធានី RFA 2018-03-17

មន្ត្រី​នាំ​ពាក្យ​ក្រសួង​បរិស្ថាន​ លោក សៅ សុភាព ថ្លែង​ប្រាប់​អាស៊ី​សេរី​នៅ​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​១៦ មីនា​ថា ការ​សម្រេច​រំសាយ​ដែន​ជម្រក​សត្វព្រៃ​ទាំង​ពីរ​នេះ គឺ​ដោយសារ​តែ​តំបន់​នោះ បាន​បាត់​បង់​មុខ​ងារ និង​សក្ដានុពល​ជា​តំបន់​អភិរក្ស​ជម្រក​សត្វព្រៃ​អស់​ទៅ​ហើយ។ លោក​បន្ត​ថា ដែន​ជម្រក​សត្វព្រៃ​ទាំងពីរ​ ជា​ពិសេស ដែន​ជម្រក​សត្វព្រៃ​រនាម​ដូន​សំ ស្ថិត​នៅ​ទីតាំង​មួយ​ដែល​មន្ត្រី​បរិស្ថាន​មិន​អាច​គ្រប់​គ្រង​បាន​ ដោយ​សារ​តំបន់​នោះ​ត្រូវ​បាន​គ្រប់គ្រង​ដោយ​អតីត​កង​ទ័ព​ខ្មែរក្រហម ​មុន​នឹង​ធ្វើ​សមាហរណកម្ម​នៅ​ឆ្នាំ​១៩៩៨។ ក្រោយ​មក​តំបន់​ទាំង​​នោះ​ក៏​ត្រូវ​បាន​​កាន់​កាប់ និង​ប្រើ​ប្រាស់​ស្ទើរ​តែ​ទាំង​ស្រុង​​តាម​រយៈ​ការ​ធ្វើ​ប្រទាន​កម្ម និង​ផ្ដល់​ប័ណ្ណ​កម្មសិទ្ធិ​​ស្រប​តាម​គោល​ការណ៍​របស់​រដ្ឋាភិបាល៖ «តំបន់​ទាំង​ពីរ​នេះ ត្រូវ​បាន​បម្លែង​ទៅ​ជា​តំបន់​ដែល​ប្រើប្រាស់ និង​អាស្រ័យ​ផល​ជាក់ស្ដែង​រហូត​មក​ទល់​នឹង​ពេល​យើង​អនុវត្ត​គោល​នយោបាយ​ចាស់​សកម្មភាព​ថ្មី។ កន្លងទៅ​ថ្មីៗ នេះ ក៏​មាន​ការ​ផ្ដល់​ប្លង់​កម្មសិទ្ធិ​ប្រទាន​កម្ម​ ហើយ​តំបន់​មួយ​ចំនួន​ទៀត​ ក៏​ត្រូវ​បាន​អនុវត្ត​ជា​សម្បទាន​ដី​សង្គម​កិច្ច​ជា​ហូរហែ។ សរុប​មក​ មុខងារ​ជា​ដែន​ជម្រក​សត្វព្រៃ​សម្រាប់​តំបន់​ទាំង​ពីរ​នេះ លែង​ឆ្លុះ​បញ្ចាំង​ភាព​ជាក់ស្ដែង​ទៅ​ហើយ​ ដូច្នេះ​ទើប​រាជរដ្ឋាភិបាល​តាម​រយៈ​ក្រសួង​បរិស្ថាន​ សម្រេច​ចិត្ត​រំសាយ​ដែន​ជម្រក​សត្វ​ព្រៃ​ទាំង​ពីរ។ ដោយ​ឡែក នៅ​ពេល​យើង​រំសាយ​ដែន​ជម្រក​សត្វព្រៃ​ទាំង​ពីរ​នេះ ​យើង​ក៏​​បាន​បង្កើត​តំបន់​ការពារ​ធម្មជាតិ​ថ្មីៗ​ច្រើន​ថែម​ទៀត​ដែរ»។

មន្ត្រី​នាំ​ពាក្យ​រូប​នេះ​អះអាង​ថា ក្រសួង​បរិស្ថាន​គ្មាន​គម្រោង​រំសាយ​តំបន់​ការពារ​ធម្មជាតិ​ដទៃ​ទៀត​ឡើយ​ បន្ទាប់​​ពី​ការ​រំសាយ​តំបន់​ទាំង​ពីរ​នេះ។ ផ្ទុយ​ទៅវិញ ក្រសួង​បរិស្ថាន​អំពាវនាវ​ឱ្យ​គ្រប់​ភាគី​ពាក់ព័ន្ធ​ទាំងអស់​ចូល​រួម​ជួយ​ថែរក្សា​ការពារ​ធនធាន​ធម្មជាតិ និង​បរិស្ថាន​ទាំងអស់​គ្នា ដើម្បី​ជា​ប្រយោជន៍​សម្រាប់​មនុស្ស​ជំនាន់​នេះ និង​ជំនាន់​ក្រោយ​ទៀត​។

មន្ត្រី​សង្គម​ស៊ីវិល និង​សកម្មជន​បរិស្ថាន​ទាម​ទារ​ឱ្យ​របប​ក្រុង​ភ្នំពេញ​បកស្រាយ​រឿង​រំសាយ​ដែន​ជម្រក​សត្វព្រៃ​ជាង ១១​ម៉ឺន​ហិកតារ

ផែនទីពណ៌​បៃតង បង្ហាញអំពី​ទីតាំង​ជម្រកសត្វព្រៃ​ រនាមដូនសំ នៅក្នុង​ខេត្ត​បាត់ដំបង។ Print-screen pic.

ដោយ សន ចាន់រដ្ឋា RFA 2018-03-17

ពួក​គេ​យល់​ឃើញ​ថា ការ​ធ្វើ​បែប​នេះ គឺ​ជា​ការ​លើក​ទឹក​ចិត្ត​ឱ្យ​មាន​ការ​បំផ្លិច​បំផ្លាញ​ធនធាន​ធម្មជាតិ​កាន់​តែ​ខ្លាំង និង​បង្ហាញ​ឱ្យ​ឃើញ​កាន់​តែ​ច្បាស់​ថា ការ​ប្ដេជ្ញា​ចិត្ត​របស់​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​រឿង​ការពារ​ធនធាន​ធម្មជាតិ​នោះ គ្រាន់តែ​ជា​ការ​ធ្វើ​ឱ្យ​ល្អ​មើល​ពី​ខាង​ក្រៅ​តែប៉ុណ្ណោះ។

មន្ត្រី​កម្មវិធី​ពង្រឹង​សិទ្ធិ​អំណាច​សហគមន៍​មូលដ្ឋាន​នៃ​សមាគម អាដហុក (ADHOC) លោក ប៉ែន បុណ្ណារ៍ ថ្លែង​ថា លោក​ភ្ញាក់​ផ្អើល​នៅ​ពេល​ឃើញ​ព្រះរាជក្រឹត្យ ស្ដីពី​ការ​រំលាយ​ដែន​ជម្រក​សត្វ​ព្រៃ ស្នួល និង​ដែន​ជម្រក​សត្វ​ព្រៃ រនាម​ដូន​សំ ដូច​នេះ ព្រោះ​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​តែង​តែ​លើក​ឡើង​អំពី​រឿង​ការពារ​ធនធាន​ធម្មជាតិ និង​ទើប​តែ​បាន​បង្កើត​តំបន់​អភិរក្ស​មួយ​ចំនួន​ទៀត ក៏​ប៉ុន្តែ​ស្រាប់​តែ​ពេល​នេះ មាន​ការ​រំសាយ​ដែន​ជម្រក​សត្វ​ព្រៃ​ពីរ​កន្លែង ដែល​មាន​ផ្ទៃដី​រាប់​ម៉ឺន​ហិកតារ ដោយ​មិនបាន​បញ្ជាក់​ពី​មូលហេតុ​ទៅ​វិញ។ លោក​សោក​ស្តាយ​ចំពោះ​រឿង​នេះ ព្រោះ​ដែន​ជម្រក​សត្វព្រៃ​ដែល​ជា​តំបន់​ការពារ​ដោយ​ច្បាប់​ជា​យូរ​ឆ្នាំ​មក​ហើយ​នោះ បែរ​ជា​ត្រូវ​រំសាយ​នៅ​ពេល​នេះ​ទៅ​វិញ៖ «ប្រសិន​បើ​មាន​ព្រះរាជក្រឹត្យ​ថែម​លើ​តំបន់​ផ្សេងៗ ច្រើនទៀត នោះ​យើង​គិត​ថា វា​នឹង​ជា​យន្តការ​ច្បាប់​មួយ ដែល​អាច​ទប់​ស្កាត់​បទល្មើស​ព្រៃឈើ​បាន​ច្រើន។ ក៏​ប៉ុន្តែ​ពេល​នេះ យើង​បែរ​ជា​ឃើញ​មាន​ការ​រំសាយ​ទៅ​វិញ។ ដូច្នេះ យើង​មាន​ការ​សោក​ស្ដាយ​ណាស់ ចំពោះ​ការ​រំសាយ​ដែន​ជម្រក​សត្វ​ព្រៃ​នេះ ទាំង​ដែល​យើង​មិន​ដឹង​មូលហេតុ​អ្វី​ទាំង​អស់។”

ដែន​ជម្រក​សត្វព្រៃ​ដែល​ត្រូវ​បាន​រំសាយ​នោះ គឺ​ដែន​ជម្រក​សត្វ​ព្រៃ ស្នួល ស្ថិត​ក្នុង​ខេត្ត​ក្រចេះ មាន​ទំហំ ៧​ម៉ឺន ៥​ពាន់​ហិកតារ និង​ដែន​ជម្រក​សត្វព្រៃ រនាម​ដូន​សំ ស្ថិត​ក្នុង​ខេត្ត​បាត់​ដំបង មាន​ទំហំ​ជិត​ ៤​ម៉ឺន​ហិកតារ (៣៩,៩៦១)។ ព្រះរាជក្រឹត្យ​ស្ដីពី​ការ​រំសាយ​ដែន​ជម្រក​សត្វព្រៃ​ទាំង​ពីរ​កន្លែង​នេះ មិន​បាន​បញ្ជាក់​អំពី​មូលហេតុ ដែល​ឈាន​ដល់​ការ​រំសាយ​នោះ​ទេ ហើយ​ក៏​មិន​ឃើញ​មាន​ការ​ប្រថាប់​ត្រា ឬ​ការ​ឡាយ​ព្រះហស្ត​លេខា​ពី​ព្រះ​មហាក្សត្រ​ ព្រះបាទ នរោត្តម សីហមុនី នោះ​ដែរ គឺ​ឃើញ​មាន​តែ​ត្រា​របស់​ទីស្ដីការ​គណៈ​រដ្ឋ​មន្ត្រី និង​ការ​ចុះ​ហត្ថលេខា​របស់​លោក សយ សុខា អគ្គលេខាធិការ​រាជរដ្ឋាភិបាល ព្រម​ទាំង​សញ្ញា​សម្គាល់​បញ្ជាក់​ថា បាន​វាយ​ត្រា​ចូល​ក្រសួង​បរិស្ថាន​ប៉ុណ្ណោះ។

March 17, 2018

Dhamma talk by Maha Thera Dr. Hok Savann on March 16, 2018

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen's visit to Sydney stirs up anger in expat community

PHOTO: Watt Khemarangsaram, a Cambodian temple in Bonnyrigg, Sydney. (ABC News: Barbara Miller)

By Barbara Miller | ABC News, March 15, 2018

At a Cambodian Buddhist temple in the western Sydney suburb of Bonnyrigg the peaceful rituals of expat life continue, but anger is simmering about Hun Sen's looming visit.

The Cambodian Prime Minister has threatened to hunt down and beat anyone who demonstrates against him during his trip to Sydney this weekend for the ASEAN-Australia summit.

But members of Australia's Cambodian community are pushing ahead with plans to stage protests against a man they say is a "dictator" who "rules Cambodia with an iron fist".

PHOTO: Cambodia Prime Minister Hun Sen. (Reuters: Samrang Pring)
Addressing a rally late last month, the Cambodian Prime Minister directed his threats at anyone thinking of burning an effigy of him while he attends the Sydney summit.

"I want to make this clear," Hun Sen said.

"If you have the right to burn me, we have our right to beat you up. There is nothing wrong with that. I will follow them home and grab them."

Hun Sen, a regional strongman who has been in power for more than three decades, made the comments in reference to his trip to Sydney at the invitation of the Australian Government to attend a special gathering of South-East Asian leaders.

The summit will also see Myanmar's leader Aung San Suu Kyi visit Australia, one of her first foreign appearances since the controversy erupted on the international stage over the treatment of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

"If you have the right to burn me, we have our right to beat you up. There is nothing wrong with that. I will follow them home and grab them."

How Hun Sen Widens his Power Base Cracks


How Hun Sen Widens his Power Base Cracks

“Due to an important personal issue, I delegate full power as chief of joint staff to Lieutenant General Hun Manet to assume the duty as of the date of signature [21 February 2018].”

Chief of Joint Staff General Kun Kim, 2 March 2018, Khmer Times

“I am a law enforcer, and the armed forces defend the government. Provided that there are orders, I must enforce, I must defend the government. Even… if we expend flesh and blood, we must enforce the law.”

RCAF Deputy Commander-in-chief General Kun Kim, 31 August 2016, The Phnom Penh Post

A battle line has been drawn within the CPP. Hun Sen fires the first shot by replacing four-star general Kun Kim with his son Manet for the top job. Pseng-Pseng’s 24 March 2017 edition expounds four indications of a CPP crack.

General Kun Kim was once a Hun Sen’s dutiful minion; in any autocracy, none will move to the top without earning trust. He is prepared to shed Khmer blood for Hun Sen, and vows to arrest the two opposition leaders on order. He has done his duty so well Human Right Watch labels him as Hun Sen’s axe man.

Besides the resignation, Hun Sen demands the general sort out the “important personal issue” soon or facing imprisonment on criminal charges. Hence, what is this “issue” that enrages Hun Sen?

There could be two major possibilities: Hun Sen may suspect Kun Kim of being one of generals who are no longer interested in being a trigger-happy on his command; or, Kun Kim may be one of landowners who are indiscreetly disgruntled by Hun Sen’s new mega-airport project in Kandal that will damage their land interests.

First, with the latest round of promotions, the number of Cambodian generals is estimated to exceed 3,000, though an official number remains a top secret. It may be too embarrassing to disclose there are enough stars to lit up a whole town. However, Hun Sen has been worried that his wishes are no longer their commands. He reacts intensely to Sam Rainsy’s persistent appeals to the armed forces not to shoot dissenting citizens. Hun Sen needs as many trigger-happy generals as he can muster.

Fast promotions of his sons to top jobs over veteran and more experienced generals could do much to disquiet his top brass. It has become very awkward for some of them to look up to their junior officers for guidance and approvals on major decisions.

Wetland clearing in Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve halted

Bulldozers are shown after being caught clearing wetlands in Siem Reap earlier this week. A similar wetland clearing operation in the same bio-preserve was halted on Thursday in Kampong Chhnang. Photo supplied

Phak Seangly | The Phnom Penh Post 
Publication date 16 March 2018 | 10:59 ICT

Authorities cracked down on a wetland clearing operation within the Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve in Kampong Chhnang’s Boribor district on Wednesday, seizing two bulldozers and questioning six operators and the machinery’s owner, before immediately releasing them with a warning.

District Governor Khuon Saorom on Thursday said that Chhnok Trou commune officials spotted the bulldozers clearing flooded forest within the so called “transition zone” of the Unesco designated conservation zone.

“They invaded and bulldozed the protected wetland for about 250 square metres in an attempt to expand a rice field,” said Saorom, who identified the owner of the machinery as Sar Bun Thoeun, a local farmer.

Saorom called upon district Military Police, who intervened and impounded Thoeun’s machinery at their station. However, he added, the bulldozers were released on the orders of the provincial Military Police chief the same day, after the Military Police questioned Thoeun and the six workers, who were also let go.

“They acted . . . to release them without informing me, so [they] consider me as a scarecrow,” he said, adding that he is seeking an explanation from the district Military Police commander, Kit Kunthea.

Cambodian Activists Plan to Protest Hun Sen's Visit to Australia

Protesters hold placards and banners during a demonstration against Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen, who is attending the one-off summit of 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), in Sydney, Australia, March 16, 2018.

Phil Mercer | VOA, March 16, 2018 7:43 AM

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — Activists are planning demonstrations against the visit of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen to a regional summit in Australia. The long-serving Cambodian leader has threatened to punish anyone who protests against his presence at the summit.

About 1,000 supporters of Cambodia’s banned opposition say they will protest Prime Minister Hun Sen’s visit to Australia. They intend to rally outside the ASEAN summit in Sydney despite threats from the veteran Cambodian leader that he would follow them home and assault those who planned to burn his effigy.

“If you have the right to burn me, we have our right to beat you up. There is nothing wrong with that. I will follow them home and grab them," he warned.

Loyalists to his Cambodia People’s Party predict up to 3,000 supporters will join a counter rally in Sydney to support the long-serving leader.

Australian killed in bomb blast was tourist, not military deminer, officials admit

Two Australians involved in a fatal bomb blast at a Cambodian military firing range were tourists, not bomb experts as initially claimed by Cambodian authorities. Photo supplied

Erin Handley and Chhay Channyda | The Phnom Penh Post 
Publication date 16 March 2018 | 17:51 ICT

An Australian man killed in a bomb blast at a Cambodian military base on Thursday was a tourist, not a military trainer or bomb expert as originally reported by police and other Cambodian officials.

Australian authorities on Friday confirmed the death did not occur as part of a military training exercise and that no Australian Defence Force personnel were involved.

Two men, the Australian and Cambodian soldier Koy Mok, 52, were killed at a shooting range inside an armoured tank military base in Kampong Speu province.

It is believed one of them picked up a Russian-made bomb, which then exploded.

ABC, which first reported the Australian was not a military expert, suggested the story was a “cover up” by the Cambodian military and said soldiers at the Kampong Speu military base “were ordered not to speak to media because allowing foreigners onto the range to fire weapons was ‘illegal’.”

Two other Cambodian soldiers, Sok Sarith, 48, and Long Vuthy, 50, and another Australian man received minor injuries in the blast and were treated at Kampong Speu Provincial Hospital.

Phnom Penh smothered in smelly, dangerous haze as landfill fire continues burning

A large plume of smoke rises from the Dangkao landfill in Phnom Penh's Dangkao district on Friday. Alessandro Marazzi Sassoon

Alessandro Marazzi Sassoon and Chhay Channyda | The Phnom Penh Post 
Publication date 16 March 2018 | 18:39 ICT

A putrid haze that has bedeviled Phnom Penh since Monday night will likely continue as a landfill in Dangkao district continued to burn on Friday, creating health risks for the capital's residents.

Workers at the Dangkao landfill on site on Friday attributed the fire, which continued to produce a thick cloud of smoke, to hot weather and a buildup of gases caused by the decomposing rubbish.

“It’s from the gases inside [the landfill] and the hot weather. It’s like this for a few days,” said one landfill worker who requested anonymity as he was not authorised to speak to the media.

Though unaware of the fire before being contacted by The Post, Ministry of Health spokesman Ly Sovann warned of the public health risk it posed. He advised people to avoid the fire, wear masks, and immediately go to a local health centre or hospital if they experience severe coughing or difficulty breathing.

“Authorities should stop the fire of [the] landfill that could [have an] effect to air quality and affect human health,” he said.

Hundreds Protest Cambodia PM Hun Sen in Sydney Ahead of ASEAN Summit

Members of the Cambodian-Australian community protest against Hun Sen in Sydney, March 16, 2018. RFA

2018-03-16  RFA

More than 300 Cambodian-Australians gathered in Sydney Friday to protest Prime Minister Hun Sen’s human rights record as the Cambodian leader prepared for a special summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), to be held over the weekend.

Buddhist monks, Cambodian community leaders, Australian MP for Victoria State Hong Lim, and Bou Rachana—the wife of murdered Cambodian political analyst Kem Ley—led protesters in condemning Hun Sen for his government’s crackdown on the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), the media, and civil society ahead of Cambodia’s general election in July.

Protesters also called for the release of CNRP President Kem Sokha—who was arrested in September and charged with “treason”—and other political prisoners, as well as the reinstatement of the CNRP, which was dissolved by the Supreme Court in November for its alleged part in a plot to topple the government.

The group carried signs that said “Hun Sen, you’re fired” and “An end to Hun Sen and authoritarianism,” demanding that the assets of Cambodia’s strongman and his “cronies” be frozen and a return of “true democracy” to the country after his 33 years in rule.

They also pledged to proceed with plans to burn Hun Sen in effigy as part of a mock funeral procession on Saturday during the first day of the March 17-18 ASEAN summit, despite threats the Cambodian prime minister made last month to use violence against anyone who dared do so.


លោក​ ហ៊ុន សែន ងាក់​មក​កាន់​អ្នក​សារព័ត៌មាន​ នៅ​ពេល​លោក​ធ្វើ​ដំណើរ​ជាមួយ​លោក Malcolm Turnbull នាយក​រដ្ឋ​មន្ត្រី​អូស្ត្រាលី មុន​ពេល​ចាប់​ផ្តើម​កិច្ច​ប្រជុំ​កំពូល កាល​ពី​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​១៦ មីនា ២០១៨។

VOA News 17 មិនា 2018

សកម្មជនជា​ច្រើន​កំពុង​រៀប​ចំផែនការ​ប្រឆាំង​ដំណើរ​ទស្សនកិច្ច​របស់​នាយក​រដ្ឋ​មន្រ្តី​ ហ៊ុន​ សែន ទៅ​កាន់​ប្រទេស​អូស្រ្តាលី​ដើម្បី​ចូល​រួម​សន្និសីទ​កំពូល​ប្រចាំ​តំបន់។​ មេដឹក​នាំ​ខ្មែរ​ដែល​កាន់​ដំណែង​ដ៏​យូរអង្វែង​នេះ ​បាន​គំរាម​កំហែង​វាយ​តប់​ជន​ណា​ដែល​តវ៉ា​ប្រឆាំង​នឹង​វត្ត​មាន​របស់​លោក​នៅសន្និសីទ​កំពូល​នេះ។

អ្នកគាំទ្រ​គណបក្ស​ប្រឆាំង​ដែលត្រូវ​បាន​ហាម​ឃាត់​ប្រហែល​១ពាន់​នាក់​និ​យាយ​ថា ​ពួក​គេ​នឹង​តវ៉ា​ប្រឆាំងដំណើរ​ទស្ស​ន​កិច្ច​របស់នាយករដ្ឋ​មន្រ្តី​ហ៊ុន ​សែន​ទៅ​កាន់​ប្រទេស​អូស្រ្តាលី។ ​អ្នក​គាំទ្រ​ទាំង​នេះ​មាន​បំណង​ធ្វើ​បាតុកម្ម​នៅ​ខាង​ក្រៅ​សន្និសីទ​កំ​ពូល​អាស៊ាន​នៅ​ក្នុង​ទីក្រុង​ស៊ីដនី ​ថ្វី​បើ​មាន​ការគំរាម​កំហែង​មក​ពី​មេដឹកនាំ​កម្ពុជា​ដែល​កាន់​អំណាច​យូរ​អង្វែង​នេះ​ថា លោក​នឹង​តាមពួកគេដល់​ផ្ទះ​ហើយ​នឹង​វាយ​អ្នក​ទាំង​នោះ​ដែល​មាន​ផែនការ​ដុតរូប​ទីង​មោង​របស់​លោក។

​លោក​នាយករដ្ឋ​មន្រ្តី​ហ៊ុន សែន​បាន​និយាយ​ថា៖ «បើ​អ្នកឯងមានសិទ្ធិ​ដុត​រូប​ទីង​មោង​របស់​ខ្ញុំ ​យើង​មាន​សិទ្ធិ​វាយ​អ្នក​ឯងដែរ។​គ្មាន​អ្វី​ខុស​ទេ។​ខ្ញុំ​នឹង​តាម​អ្នកឯង​ទៅ​ដល់​ផ្ទះ​ហើយ​នឹង​វាយ​អ្នកឯង‍»។

ពួក​អ្នកគាំទ្រ​គណបក្ស​ប្រជា​ជន​របស់​លោក​ ហ៊ុន សែន ប៉ាន់​ប្រមាណថា ​មាន​អ្នកគាំទ្រ​រហូត​ដល់​៣​ពាន់​នាក់​នឹង​ចូលរួម​បាតុកម្ម​ប្រឆាំង​តបត​វិញ​នៅ​ក្នុង​ទីក្រុង​ស៊ីដនី​ដើម្បី​គាំទ្រ​លោក​ហ៊ុន ​សែន​ដែល​ជា​មេដឹកនាំ​កាន់​អំណាចដ៏​យូរ​អង្វែង​នេះ។

សមាជិក​ព្រឹទ្ធសភា​អាមេរិក សរសេរ​លិខិត​ទៅ​លោក ហ៊ុន សែន ឲ្យ​ដោះ​លែង​អ្នក​ជាប់​ឃុំ

សមាជិកព្រឹទ្ធសភាសហរដ្ឋអាមេរិក (ពីឆ្វេងទៅស្ដាំ) លោក ផាទ្រីក ល៊ែហ៊ី (Patrick Leahy) លោក ថិត គ្រូស (Ted Cruz) លោក រីឆាត ជេ. ឌើបិន (Richard J. Durbin) និង លោក អិត ម៉ាឃី (Ed Markey)។  Facebook

ដោយ អាស៊ីសេរី RFA 2018-03-16

ថ្ងៃទី​ ១៥​ ខែ​ មីនា ​ឆ្នាំ ២០១៨

ជូន​ចំពោះ​លោក​នាយករដ្ឋ​មន្រ្តី ហ៊ុន សែន

យើង​ខ្ញុំ​ទាំង​អស់​គ្នា មានការ​ខ្វាយ​ខ្វល់​យ៉ាង​ខ្លាំង​ ដោយសារ​​បរិយាកាស​នយោបាយ​ និង ​ស្ថានភាព​សិទ្ធិ​សេរីភាព​ពលរដ្ឋ​នៅ​កម្ពុជា​ កំពុង​ធ្លាក់​ចុះ​ដុនដាប​កាន់តែ​ខ្លាំង។ ​លិខិត​នេះ យើង​ខ្ញុំ​សរសេរ ដើម្បី​ស្នើសុំ​ព័ត៌មាន អំពី​ការ​ចាប់​ខ្លួន និង ឃុំ​ឃាំង​មនុស្ស​ជាច្រើន ដែល​ទំនង​ជា​ ធ្វើ​ឡើង​ដោយសារ​តែ​ហេតុផល​នយោបាយ។ យើង​ខ្ញុំ​ស្នើ​ឲ្យ​ដោះលែង​អ្នក​ជាប់​ឃុំ​ទាំងនោះ ជា​បន្ទាន់ ព្រោះ​គ្មាន​ភស្តុតាង​ណាមួយ​គួរឲ្យ​ជឿជាក់​ ដែល​បញ្ជាក់​អំពី​សកម្មភាព​ឧក្រិដ្ឋ​ពិត​ប្រាកដ​នោះ​ឡើយ។ បើ​ដោះ​លែង​ពួកគាត់​ភ្លាមៗ​មែន​នោះ វា​អាច​ជា​សញ្ញាណ​វិជ្ជមាន​មួយ សម្រាប់​បង្ហាញ ​សហគមន៍​អន្តរជាតិ។​

ជា​ពិសេស​ករណី​​ លោក អ៊ួន ឈិន និង លោក យាង សុធារិន គឺ​ពួក​គាត់​ធ្លាប់​ធ្វើ​ការ​ឲ្យ​វិទ្យុ​អាស៊ីសេរី ​រហូត​ដល់​អាស៊ី​សេរី ​ត្រូវ​បង្ខំ​ចិត្ត ​បិទ​ការិយាល័យ​នៅ​កម្ពុជា​ កាល​ពី​ថ្ងៃ​ទី ១២ ខែ កញ្ញា ឆ្នាំ ​២០១៧​ ដោយសារ​តែ​រង​ការ​ធ្វើ​ទុក្ខបុកម្នេញ​ និង ​សម្ពាធ​ពី​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​។ ក្រោយ​បិទ​ការិយាល័យ​នៅ​ភ្នំពេញ បុគ្គលិក​អាស៊ីសេរី​ទាំងអស់​ ត្រូវ​បញ្ចប់​កិច្ច​សន្យា ការងារ​ត្រឹម​ពេល​នោះ​ហើយ​ដែរ។ ប៉ុន្តែ ​មិន​គួរ​ឲ្យ​ជឿ​សោះ ស្រាប់​តែ​អ្នកសារព័ត៌មាន​ពីរ​នាក់​ របស់​អាស៊ីសេរី ត្រូវ​សមត្ថកិច្ច​ចាប់​ខ្លួន នៅ​ថ្ងៃទី ១៤ ខែ វិច្ឆិកា ឆ្នាំ ២០១៧ ដោយ​រង​កា​រចោទ​ប្រកាន់ ពី​បទ​ចារកម្ម​ ព្រោះ​ព្រះរាជអាជ្ញា ​ចោទ​ថា​អ្នក​ទាំង ពីរ​នៅ​បន្ត​ធ្វើការ​ឲ្យ​អាស៊ីសេរី​នៅ​ឡើយ ទោះបី​អាស៊ីសេរី​បិទ​ការិយាល័យ​រាប់​ខែ​ទៅ​ហើយ​ក្តី។ បើ​រក​ឃើញ​ថា​មាន​ទោស​ អ្នក​ទាំង​ពីរ​ អាច​ជាប់​ពន្ធនាគារ​ រហូត​ដល់​ ១៥ ឆ្នាំ​ឯណោះ។ ដូច្នេះ​យើង​ពិត​ជា​ព្រួយ​បារម្ភ​យ៉ាង​ខ្លាំង ព្រោះ​ខ្លាច​លោក អ៊ួន ឈិន និង លោក​ យាង សុធារិន អាច​ត្រូវ​ជាប់​ពន្ធនាគារ ដោយសារ​តែ​ពួកគាត់​ ធ្លាប់​បម្រើ​ការ​ឲ្យ​វិទ្យុអាស៊ីសេរី កាលពីមុននោះឯង។ សូម្បី​តែ​គណៈកម្មាធិការ​ការពារ​អ្នកសារព័ត៌មាន និង អ្នកសារព័ត៌មាន​ខ្មែរ​ចំនួន​ ៦០​នាក់​ក៏​បាន​អំពាវនាវ​ ឲ្យ​ដោះលែង​អ្នក​ទាំងពីរ​ ជាបន្ទាន់​រួច​ហើយ​ដែរ។

ពលរដ្ឋ​ខ្មែរ​អូស្ត្រាលី ធ្វើ​បាតុកម្ម​ប្រឆាំង​លោក ហ៊ុន សែន នៅ​កិច្ច​ប្រជុំ​កំពូល​អាស៊ាន​-អូស្ត្រាលី

ក្រុម​បាតុករ​លើក​បដា​ក្នុង​ពេល​បាតុកម្ម​ប្រឆាំង​នឹង​លោក ហ៊ុន សែន នាយក​រដ្ឋ​មន្ត្រី​កម្ពុជា ក្នុង​ពេល​លោក​ចូល​រួម​កិច្ច​ប្រជុំ​សមាគម​អាស៊ាន​ដែល​មាន​១០​ប្រទេស​ជាមួយ​អូស្ត្រាលី នៅ​ទីក្រុង​ស៊ីដនី នៅ​ថ្ងៃទី១៦ មីនា ២០១៨។

សាយ មុន្នី VOA Khmer 17 មិនា 2018

ខណៈ​កិច្ច​ប្រជុំ​កំពូល​អាស៊ាន​-អូស្ត្រាលី កំពុង​ប្រព្រឹត្ត​ទៅ​ក្នុង​ទី​ក្រុង​ស៊ីដនី ប្រទេស​អូស្ត្រាលី ក្រុម​អ្នក​តវ៉ា​និង​អង្គការ​សិទ្ធិ​មនុស្ស​អន្តរជាតិ​ បាន​អំពាវនាវ​ឲ្យ​មាន​ការ​ផ្តោត​ចំណាប់​អារម្មណ៍​ខ្លាំង​ទៅ​លើ​បញ្ហា​នយោបាយ​និង​ការ​រំលោភ​សិទ្ធិ​មនុស្ស​ក្នុង​ប្រទេស​កម្ពុជា។

វ៉ាស៊ីនតោន — អង្គការ​សិទ្ធិមនុស្ស​និង​ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ​ខ្មែរ​អូស្ត្រាលី​ដែល​ធ្វើ​ការ​តវ៉ា​ប្រឆាំង​នឹង​វត្តមាន​របស់​លោក​នាយករដ្ឋមន្ត្រី​ ហ៊ុន សែន នៅ​ឯកិច្ច​ប្រជុំ​កំពូល​អាស៊ាន-អូស្ត្រាលី​នៅ​ចុង​សប្តាហ៍​នេះ បាន​ទទូច​ឱ្យ​មាន​ការ​ផ្តោត​ការ​យក​ចិត្ត​ទុក​ដាក់​ទៅ​លើ​បញ្ហា​រំលោភ​សិទ្ធិមនុស្ស​និង​សិទ្ធិ​នយោបាយ​ក្នុង​ប្រទេស​កម្ពុជា។

លោក ហុង លីម អ្នក​តំណាងរាស្ត្រ​អូស្ត្រាលី ដើម​កំណើត​ខ្មែរ និង​ជា​អ្នក​ដឹកនាំ​បាតុកម្ម​ម្នាក់ ប្រឆាំង​នឹង​វត្ត​មាន​របស់​លោក​ ហ៊ុន សែន​ ក្នុង​ទឹកដី​អូស្ត្រាលី បាន​ថ្លែង​ប្រាប់ ​VOA កាល​ពី​រំលង​អាធ្រាត្រ​ថ្ងៃ​សុក្រ ឈាន​ចូល​ថ្ងៃ​សៅរ៍​ទី​១៧​ខែ​មីនានេះ​ថា ពលរដ្ឋ​ខ្មែរ​ប្រមាណ​៥០០​នាក់ ទាំង​នៅ​ក្នុង​ទីក្រុង​ស៊ីដនី និង​មក​ពី​រដ្ឋ​នានា​ទូទាំង​ប្រទេស​អូស្ត្រាលី នឹង​ចូលរួម​ក្នុង​បាតុកម្ម​ប្រឆាំង​នឹង​លោក​ ហ៊ុន សែន។

«‍ពួក​អ្នក​ទាំង​អស់​ហ្នឹង មាន​ប្រហែល​៥​ឡាន​ទៀត​ដោយ​មិន​គិត​ពី​ឡាន​តូចៗ​ទេ ហើយ​អ្នក​ខ្លះ គេ​ជិះ​កប៉ាល់ហោះ​មក​ដល់​ហើយ​ហ្នឹង។ អ្នក​ទាំង​អស់​ហ្នឹង នឹង​មក​ជួបជុំ​គ្នា​ស្អែក គឺ​ស្អែក​ធ្វើ​ធំ​ជាង​ថ្ងៃ​នេះ​ទៀត។ ថ្ងៃ​នេះ យើង​ធ្វើ​បាន​គគ្រឹកគគ្រែង​ខ្លាំង​ណាស់ ដោយ​មាន​ព្រះសង្ឃ​ជា​ច្រើន​អង្គ មក​ជួបជុំ​គ្នា ហើយ​ពិសេស​គឺ​ព្រះអង្គ​មក​ជួយ​ធ្វើ​ពិធី​ព័ទ្ធ​សីមា ការពារ​យើង​ខ្ញុំ​ទាំង​អស់​គ្នា​ហ្នឹង។ ហើយ​ជាមួយ​គ្នា​ហ្នឹង ក៏​ធ្វើ​ដាក់​បណ្តាសារ​ទៅ​លើ​លោក ហ៊ុន សែន ឲ្យ​រលត់រលាយ ឱ្យ​មហារលត់​ មហា​រលាយ​ហ្នឹង»។

Fire at Phnom Penh's Chbar Ampov market destroys hundreds of stalls

Post Staff | The Phnom Penh Post
Publication date 16 March 2018 | 19:31 ICT

Fire from an electrical malfunction destroyed hundreds of market stalls at Phnom Penh's Chbar Ampov market and damaged nearly a thousand more. The fire at the market in Chbar Ampov district on the city's east side was extinguished at about 3pm on Friday, about 15 hours after it started, according to Tep Bora, the police chief at Chbar Ampov 2 commune. The blaze totally destroyed 588 of the market's 1,400 stalls and the rest were damaged. “It was caused by electric malfunction at stalls from eastern side of the market,” Bora said. Heng Chivoan

Fire from an electrical malfunction destroyed hundreds of market stalls at Phnom Penh's Chbar Ampov market and damaged nearly a thousand more.

Australians protest Asean summit visit by PM Hun Sen

Bou Rachana, the wife of murdered Cambodian politician Kem Ley, speaks as Australian Cambodians gather to protest the presence of Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit in Sydney on March 16 2018. Peter Parks/AFP

Erin Handley and Chhay Channyda | The Phnom Penh Post 
Publication date 16 March 2018 | 16:44 ICT

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Sydney’s Hyde Park on Friday to protest against Cambodian strongman Hun Sen, who claimed to have been gifted millions of dollars by the Australian government ahead of a special Asean summit this weekend.

An estimated 300 protesters, the majority of them from the Cambodian-Australian community, carried signs calling for the release of jailed opposition leader Kem Sokha.

Sokha was arrested in September and charged with “treason”, an allegation widely believed to be politically motivated. Two months later, his party – the only real challenger to the ruling Cambodian People’s Party at the July 2018 election – was forcibly dissolved.

ពលរដ្ឋ​ខ្មែរ​អូស្ត្រាលី​មក​ជួបជុំ​នៅ​ទីក្រុង​ស៊ីដនី​តវ៉ា​ប្រឆាំង​នឹង​វត្តមាន​លោក ហ៊ុន សែន

ពលរដ្ឋ​ខ្មែរ​អូស្ត្រាលី​ជួបជុំ​គ្នា​នៅ​ទីក្រុង​ស៊ីដនី (Sydney) នៅ​ថ្ងៃ​ទី១៦ ខែ​មីនា ឆ្នាំ​២០១៨ ដើម្បី​តវ៉ា​ប្រឆាំង​នឹង​វត្តមាន​របស់​លោក​នាយករដ្ឋមន្ត្រី ដែល​កំពុង​ចូលរួម​កិច្ច​ប្រជុំ​អាស៊ាន-អូស្ត្រាលី នៅ​ទីក្រុង​ស៊ីដនី ប្រទេស​អូស្ត្រាលី។ RFA/Chun Chanboth

ដោយ ជុន ច័ន្ទបុត្រ RFA 2018-03-16

ពលរដ្ឋ​ខ្មែរ​អូស្ត្រាលី​ប្រមាណ​៣០០​​នាក់ មក​ពី​តំបន់​ផ្សេងៗ ដោយ​ជួបជុំ​គ្នា​នៅ​ទីក្រុង​ស៊ីដនី (Sydney) ដើម្បី​តវ៉ា​ប្រឆាំង​នឹង​វត្តមាន​របស់​លោក​នាយករដ្ឋមន្ត្រី ដែល​កំពុង​ចូលរួម​កិច្ច​ប្រជុំ​អាស៊ាន-អូស្ត្រាលី នៅ​ទីក្រុង​ស៊ីដនី ប្រទេស​អូស្ត្រាលី នៅ​ចុង​សប្ដាហ៍​នេះ។

នេះ​ជា​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​មួយ ដែល​ពលរដ្ឋ​ខ្មែរ​អូស្ត្រាលី​បាន​មក​ជួបជុំ​គ្នា អ្នក​ខ្លះ​លើក​បដា​ទាមទារ​ឲ្យ​របប​ក្រុង​ភ្នំពេញ​ដោះលែង​មេ​បក្ស​ប្រឆាំង​គឺ​លោក កឹម សុខា និង​អ្នក​ទោស​មនសិការ​ជាដើម។

សូម​ស្ដាប់​បទសម្ភាសន៍​របស់​លោក មួង ណារ៉េត ជាមួយ​លោក ជុន ច័ន្ទបុត្រ ដែល​នៅ​ទីក្រុង​ស៊ីដនី ប្រទេស​អូស្ត្រាលី​ផ្ទាល់ ជុំវិញ​បាតុកម្ម​នេះ រួម​នឹង​ការ​ឆ្លើយ​តប​របស់​លោក ជុន ច័ន្ទបុត្រ ចំពោះ​ការ​ចោទ​ប្រកាន់​ពី​សំណាក់​លោក​នាយករដ្ឋមន្ត្រី ហ៊ុន សែន ដែល​ថា​លោក ជុន ច័ន្ទបុត្រ ជា​របស់​ចារកម្ម​របស់​លោក ហ៊ុន សែន ដូច​តទៅ។

សកម្មភាព​​តវ៉ា​នា​ទីក្រុង​ស៊ីដនី (Sydney) នៅ​ថ្ងៃ​ទី១៦ ខែ​មីនា ឆ្នាំ​២០១៨ ប្រឆាំង​នឹង​វត្តមាន​របស់​លោក​នាយករដ្ឋមន្ត្រី ដែល​កំពុង​ចូលរួម​កិច្ច​ប្រជុំ​អាស៊ាន-អូស្ត្រាលី នៅ​ទីក្រុង​ស៊ីដនី ប្រទេស​អូស្ត្រាលី។

លោក ជុន ច័ន្ទ​បុត្រ ស្នើ​លោក​ហ៊ុន សែន ចូលរួម​កម្មវិធី​ផ្សាយ​អាស៊ី​សេរី

ព្រឹទ្ធសភា​អាមេរិក​ស្នើ​លោក​ហ៊ុន សែន ដោះលែង​អតីត​បុគ្គលិក​អាស៊ីសេរី​ជា​បន្ទាន់

កម្មវិធី​ទូរទស្សន៍​អាស៊ីសេរី​សម្រាប់​ថ្ងៃ​ទី ១៦ ខែ​មីនា ឆ្នាំ​២០១៨

ពលរដ្ឋ​ខ្មែរ​-អូស្ត្រាលី​ច្រើន​រយ​នាក់ ធ្វើ​បាតុកម្ម​ប្រឆាំង​នឹង​វត្តមាន​លោក ហ៊ុន សែន

March 16, 2018

Australia’s ‘dance with dictators’: Country expected to stay mum on rights abuses with Asean leaders in town

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (right) and Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop attend a meeting in Sydney on July 19, 2016. Jessica Hromas/AFP

Erin Handley | The Phnom Penh Post
Publication date 16 March 2018 | 09:24 ICT

While calls from all corners have demanded Australia take Cambodia to task – not only for its political crackdown but also for Prime Minister Hun Sen’s threats to beat up protesters on Australian soil – observers say any such confrontation is unlikely to materialise during a special summit premised on the polite exchange of handshakes and trade.

Prime Minister Hun Sen departed the Kingdom late on Thursday to arrive in Sydney for the special Asean-Australia summit – the first of its kind held on Australian shores – where he is expected to be met with fiery protests.

Members of the Australian-Cambodian community, along with opposition lawmakers, have called on the Australian government to condemn not just the arrest of political leaders, the shuttering of independent media and the shrinking space for freedom of expression, but the violent threats Cambodia’s strongman made to “follow” Australian citizens and “beat” them in their homes.

The threats came during a speech in which Hun Sen warned would-be protesters not to burn his photo – a challenge they almost immediately took up, burning effigies of the premier in Melbourne late last month. Victorian state MP Hong Lim, a Cambodian-Australian, was quick to note the irony of Hun Sen’s violent remarks, made prior to a summit that, in part, will address counter-terrorism.

Europe voices ‘serious concerns’ over rights

George Edgar, EU ambassador to Cambodia, poses with Cambodian Ministry of Justice official Chin Malin at a meeting in Brussels on Wednesday. Facebook

Andrew Nachemson | The Phnom Penh Post
Publication date 16 March 2018 | 10:58 ICT

The European Union expressed “serious concerns” about the Cambodian political situation during a UN Human Rights Council meeting on Wednesday, drawing a sharp rebuke from the Kingdom’s delegation.

Cambodia’s ongoing political crackdown has seen the main opposition party dissolved and its leader arrested for alleged treason, as well as the shuttering of media outlets and pressure on civil society.

“The EU remains deeply concerned about the continuing deterioration of the political and human rights situation in Cambodia and the escalating repression of the opposition, civil society and the media,” said the EU representative.

“The EU reiterates that an electoral process from which the main opposition party has been arbitrarily excluded is not legitimate,” the representative continued, calling for the reinstatement of the Cambodia National Rescue Party and its elected officials.

The Cambodian Foreign Ministry and EU representatives also held a private meeting in Brussels on Wednesday, releasing a joint statement reaffirming their “commitment to deepen their relationship”.

Supreme Court denies bail for former RFA journalists charged with espionage

Former RFA reporter Yeang Sothearin seen from a prison van as he is taken to Cambodia's Supreme Court on Friday morning, where he was denied bail. Heng Chivoan

Chhay Channyda | The Phnom Penh Post 
Publication date 16 March 2018 | 12:42 ICT

Cambodia's Supreme Court on Friday rejected bail for two former Radio Free Asia journalists accused in November of espionage in a widely criticised case.

Yeang Sothearin, 35, and Oun Chhin, 49, were arrested on suspicion of filing stories to the US-funded news organisation, a month after RFA shuttered its in-country service during a broader clampdown on independent media. The charges against the pair have been widely condemned by international media organisations.

Naly Pilorge, of the rights group Licadho, criticised the court's rejection. “It's outrageous that the highest court in the country could not decide to release two men who can only be found to work in frontline journalism so they can rejoin their young children and grandchildren again,” she said.

Turnbull takes Cambodia to task

Malcolm Turnbull has raised human rights issues with Cambodia's prime minister who is presiding over a spiral into authoritarianism.

SBS News | March 16, 2018

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has expressed concern to Cambodia's leader about the nation's crumbling democracy and human rights record while hundreds of expats protest at the ASEAN summit.

Mr Turnbull is hosting leaders from the 10-country Association of South-East Asian Nations and had bilateral talks with Prime Minister Hun Sen on Friday afternoon.

Cambodia is on a spiral towards authoritarianism following last year's ban on the main opposition party, the arrest of opposition leader Kem Sokha and the forced closure of an English-language newspaper.

The opposition party had been poised to strongly challenge Hun Sen's 33-year rule at the July election.

Mr Turnbull insists Australia has "frank engagement" with all ASEAN countries.

"We approach ASEAN with the greatest respect. We respect the consensus model on which it is based and we will be discussing issues of every description," Mr Turnbull told reporters.

Cambodian director of Sofitel hotel linked to business which saw shooting of farmers

Footage from the shooting shows protesters shouting before gunshots are heard. (Credit: ABC licensed) 

Exclusive by South-East Asia correspondent Liam Cochrane
Updated 16 March 2018, 12:55 AEDT

Kim Sokleap, a relative of the Cambodian PM and a director of the Phokeethra Resort and Spa company, is tied to a business with a large agro-industrial concession where security forces last month burned down homes and opened fire on protesters — but Sofitel is refusing to comment.

The luxury Sofitel hotel chain is refusing to comment on one of its Cambodian director's business links to the shooting of protesters at a rubber plantation.

Kim Sokleap is a niece of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen's wife and is a director of the Phokeethra Resort and Spa (Cambodia) company.

The Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra in the capital and the Phokheethra in the temple town of Siem Reap claim to offer "French colonial elegance" and a five-star experience.

But it is a very different experience for the farmers who have clashed with Kim Sokleap's other company.

Government records show Kim Sokleap is also a director of Memot Rubber Plantation Co Ltd, which owns a large agro-industrial concession in Kratie province, where security forces burned down homes and opened fire on protesters this month.

Critics of Cambodia's Hun Sen refuse to be silenced in Australia

Hun Sen is expected to be confronted by hundreds of protesters in Sydney, where there is a sizeable population of Cambodian refugees who fled the Khmer Rouge in the 1970s. (Photo: AFP/Tang Chhin Sothy)

Daniel DE CARTERET | AFP News16 March 2018

SYDNEY: From the safety of suburban Australia, Bou Rachna recalls the hours before her husband Kem Ley, a prominent Cambodian political analyst, was shot dead at a Phnom Penh gas station in a 2016 killing that rattled the nation.

They had just finished breakfast together when he left to meet some students for a chat over coffee. She received a call soon after, informing her that he had been gunned down in broad daylight.

"He never did anything for himself," Bou Rachna told AFP of her late husband. "He did everything for Cambodia, so that it could have freedom, real democracy, independent courts and respect for human rights."

While Australia granted asylum to Kem Ley's family, it also struck a controversial deal with Hun Sen's government to take in a small number of refugees refused Australian asylum in exchange for $55 million in aid. (Photo: AFP/Mark Peterson)

Australia to Raise Rights Concerns with Myanmar, Cambodia at ASEAN Summit

Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop stands with her Indonesian counterpart Retno Marsudi, March 16, 2018. / Reuters

By REUTERS 16 March 2018

SYDNEY — Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said she will raise human rights concerns with Myanmar and Cambodian leaders during a three-day summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) that begins in Sydney on Friday.

Australia is hosting the special meeting, despite not being a member of the 10-nation bloc, as it seeks to tighten political and trade ties in the region amid China’s rising influence.

Bishop said that Australia would “very seriously” consider any formal invitation to join the grouping, a move advocated by Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

Asked whether the meeting was a direct counter to China’s growing interest in the region, Bishop said Australia believed the bloc brought it “peace, stability and security.”

“We don’t see it as having a role to balance the powers in the Indo-Pacific but rather be at the heart of the engagement collaboration with other countries,” she told Australian Broadcasting Corp radio ahead of the opening of the summit.

EU សម្តែង​ក្តីបារម្ភ​ធ្ងន់ធ្ងរ​ជាថ្មី​ទៀត​ពី​ស្ថានភាព​នយោបាយ​នៅ​កម្ពុជា

លោក ណី សំអុល នៅ​ក្នុង​កិច្ចប្រជុំ​របស់​អង្គការ​សហប្រជាជាតិ​។ រូបថត ក្រសួង​ការបរទេស

Andrew Nachemson | ភ្នំពេញ ប៉ុស្ដិ៍
Publication date 16 March 2018 | 11:25 ICT

ភ្នំពេញៈ សហភាព​អឺរ៉ុប​បាន​សម្ដែង​ «​ក្តីបារម្ភ​ធ្ងន់ធ្ងរ​» ​អំពី​ស្ថានភាព​នយោបាយ​របស់​កម្ពុជា​ក្នុង​អំឡុង​កិច្ចប្រជុំ​ក្រុមប្រឹក្សា​សិទ្ធិមនុស្ស​របស់​អង្គការ​សហប្រជាជាតិ​កាលពី​ថ្ងៃ​ពុធ ខណៈ​មាន​ការ​បដិសេធ​ខ្លាំងក្លា​ពី​គណៈប្រតិភូ​របស់​កម្ពុជា​។

តំណាង​សហភាព​អឺរ៉ុប​បាន​ថ្លែង​ថា​៖ «​សហភាព​អឺរ៉ុប​នៅ​តែ​បារម្ភ​ខ្លាំង​អំពី​ការបន្ត​ធ្លាក់​ចុះ​ដុនដាប​នៃ​ស្ថានភាព​នយោបាយ និង​ស្ថានភាព​សិទ្ធិ​មនុស្ស​ក្នុង​ប្រទេស​កម្ពុជា និង​ការបង្ក្រាប​ខ្លាំង​ឡើង​ទៅ​លើ​គណបក្ស​ប្រឆាំង សង្គម​ស៊ីវិល និង​ប្រព័ន្ធ​ផ្សព្វផ្សាយ​»​។ ការបង្ក្រាប​ជា​បន្ត​របស់​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​កម្ពុជា​បាន​ធ្វើឲ្យ​ប្រព័ន្ធ​ផ្សព្វផ្សាយ​ជាច្រើន​បិទ​ទ្វារ ហើយ​អ្នកកាសែត​មួយ​ចំនួន​ជាប់​ពន្ធនាគារ ប្រធាន​គណបក្ស​ប្រឆាំង​ដ៏ធំ​បំផុត​ត្រូវ​បាន​ចាប់​ខ្លួន​ពី​បទ​ក្បត់ជាតិ ហើយ​គណបក្ស​នេះ​ត្រូវ​បាន​រំលាយ​។

តំណាង​សហភាព​អឺរ៉ុប​បាន​ថ្លែង​នៅក្នុង​កិច្ចប្រជុំ​នោះ​ថា​៖ «​សហភាព​អឺរ៉ុប​ថ្លែង​ជា​ដដែលៗ​ថា ដំណើរ​ការបោះឆ្នោត​ដែល​មិន​រួម​បញ្ចូល​គណបក្ស​ប្រឆាំង​ដ៏ចម្បង គឺ​មិន​ស្រប​ច្បាប់​ទេ​» ហើយ​បាន​អំពាវនាវ​ឲ្យ​មាន​ការ​អនុញ្ញាត​ឲ្យ​គណបក្ស​សង្គ្រោះ​ជាតិ​ដំណើរការ​ឡើង​វិញ​ហើយ​មន្ត្រី​ជាប់​ឆ្នោត​របស់​គណបក្ស​នេះ​ចូល​បំពេញ​ការងារ​របស់​ខ្លួន​ឡើង​វិញ​។

Cambodia PM Hun Sen Kicks Off Australia Trip as Protests Over Rights Record Loom

Prime Minister Hun Sen presides over the inauguration ceremony of a road outside of Phnom Penh, March 13, 2018.  AP Photo

2018-03-15  RFA

Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen kicked off a trip to Australia Thursday to attend a summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in Sydney, amid protests over his government’s crackdown on the opposition in the lead up to general elections in July.

Hun Sen will be busy attending meetings at the March 17-18 ASEAN special summit on issues as diverse as counter-terrorism, trade liberalization and tensions in the South China Sea, but he will also have to contend with hundreds of Cambodian-Australians who have vowed to burn effigies of Southeast Asia’s longest-serving head of state as part of protests during his visit.

He recently dared them to do so, saying he would “follow you all the way to your doorstep and beat you right there,” suggesting it was entirely within his right to “use violence against you.”

Ek Savathey, who plans to join demonstrations, told RFA’s Khmer Service on Thursday that Hun Sen, his family, and members of his government are not welcome in Australia.

“They have ruled the country with records of human rights abuses, and have mistreated many Cambodians, all while abusing their power and using the courts as political tools to benefit themselves,” he said.

អាជ្ញាធរ​ចុះ​បិទ​វេទិកា​សាធារណៈ​ នៅ​តំបន់​ដែល​មាន​វិវាទ​ដីធ្លី

ពលរដ្ឋ​ចូលរួម​វេទិកា​នៅ​ឃុំ​អំពិល​ដែល​អាជ្ញាធរ​ទៅ​បិទ​ពី​ម្សិលមិញ​។ រូបថត សហការី

សុទ្ធ គឹមសឿន |  ភ្នំពេញ ប៉ុស្ដិ៍ Publication date 16 March 2018 | 08:36 ICT

ស្វាយរៀងៈ អាជ្ញាធរ​ស្រុក​រមាសហែក​កាលពី​ម្សិលមិញ​បាន​ចុះ​បិទ​វេទិកាសាធារណៈ​មួយ​ដែល​រៀបចំ​ឡើង​ដោយ​សម្ព័ន្ធ​សហគមន៍​កសិករ​កម្ពុជា CCFC ដោយ​បញ្ជាក់​ថា CCFC មិន​បាន​សុំ​ច្បាប់​ពី​អាជ្ញាធរ​មូលដ្ឋាន ខណៈ​ដែល​ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ​ក្នុង​តំបន់​នេះ​ក៏​ធ្លាប់​នាំ​គ្នា​ឡើង​មក​តវ៉ា​នៅ​ភ្នំពេញ​សុំ​ឲ្យ​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​ជួយ​អន្តរាគមន៍​ដោះស្រាយ​វិវាទ​ដីធ្លី​របស់​ពួកគាត់​។ នេះ​បើ​តាម​លោក ម៉ឺន រតនា អគ្គលេខាធិការរង CCFC​។

លោក ម៉ឺន រតនា បាន​ឲ្យ​ដឹង​ថា​វេទិកា​នេះ​ធ្វើ​ឡើង​នៅ​ឃុំ​អំពិល ស្រុក​រមាសហែក​ដោយ​មាន​សមាជិក​ចូលរួម​ជាង ៤០ នាក់​ក្រោម​ប្រធានបទ​ស្ដីពី​ការទទួល​បាន​សេវា​កិច្ចការ​គាំពារ​សង្គម​ហៅ​កាត់ ប.ស.ស គឺ​មាន​ន័យ​ថា​ក្រុម​របស់​លោក​ពន្យល់​ឲ្យ​ពលរដ្ឋ​ដែល​ធ្វើការងារ​ក្នុង​សេដ្ឋកិច្ច​ក្រៅ​ប្រព័ន្ធ​ទាំងអស់​ឲ្យ​ទៅ​ចុះ​ឈ្មោះ​ជាមួយ​អង្គការ សមាគម​ណា​មួយ​ដើម្បី​មាន​ឱកាស​បាន​ទៅ​ចុះ​ឈ្មោះ​យក​ប័ណ្ណ ប.ស.ស ដូច​និយោជក​ដទៃ​ទៀត​ដែរ​។

លោក​បន្ត​ថា​ដោយ​មន្ត្រី​នគរបាល​ឃុំ និង​ស្រុក​ប្រហែល ៥ នាក់​បាន​មក​សួររក​លិខិត​អនុញ្ញាត​ពី​ក្រសួង​មហាផ្ទៃ និង​ពី​អាជ្ញាធរ​ខេត្ត​ស្វាយរៀង ប៉ុន្ដែ​ភ្លាមៗ​នោះ​ក្រុម​ការងារ​លោក​មិន​មាន​លិខិត​នោះ​ទេ​។ ​តែ​លោក​ថា​លោក​បាន​ដាក់​លិខិត​ជូនដំណឹង​ដល់​អាជ្ញាធរ​ខេត្ត​ និង​អាជ្ញាធរ​មូលដ្ឋាន​រួចរាល់​ហើយ​កាលពី​សប្ដាហ៍​មុន​។ «​ប៉ុន្ដែ​មន្ត្រី​ខេត្ត​ហាក់​មាន​ការ​យឺតយ៉ាវ​ក្នុង​ការ​ជូន​ដំណឹង​នេះ ហើយ​អាជ្ញាធរ​មូលដ្ឋាន បែរ​ជា​ឆ្លើយ​ថា​មិន​ដឹង​រឿង​ទៅ​វិញ ខណៈ​អាជ្ញាធរ​ស្រុក​បាន​មក​រារាំង​ពួកយើង​។ ខ្ញុំ​ថា វា​មិនមែន​ជា​បញ្ហា​អ្វី​ធ្ងន់ធ្ងរ​ទេ ដោយ​គ្រាន់តែ​អាជ្ញាធរ​ខេត្ត​ជូនដំណឹង​ឲ្យ​អាជ្ញាធរ​មូលដ្ឋាន​យឺតយ៉ាវ ហើយ​ចំណុច​នេះ ដែល​ខ្ញុំ​ក៏​មិន​ចង់​មាន​រឿង​វែងឆ្ងាយ​ដែរ ក៏​សម្រេច​រំសាយ​កម្មវិធី​នេះ​ចោល​តែម្ដង​»​។

Recruiter inks anti-trafficking MoU

(From left) Winrock International’s Sara Piazzano, USAID’s Sheri-Nouane Duncan-Jones, ACRA’s Ung Seang Rithy, Legal Support for Children and Women’s Mom Sokchar and the Ministry of Labour’s Hou Vudthy at a signing ceremony for a memorandum of understanding promoting ‘ethical recruitment’ of migrant workers on Thursday. Daphne Chen

Daphne Chen | The Phnom Penh Post 
Publication date 16 March 2018 | 11:01 ICT

One of Cambodia’s two associations of recruitment agencies pledged to promote “ethical recruitment” on Thursday in an effort to cut back on the abuse and exploitation faced by Cambodian migrant workers.

The Association of Cambodian Recruitment Agencies (ACRA) signed a memorandum of understanding with the NGO Legal Support for Children and Women cementing the collaboration, which will focus on improving predeparture training and encouraging workers to travel through legal channels.

“If they go abroad through a legal company, they don’t have problems,” ACRA head and Oknha Ung Seang Rithy said.

“But our workers do things impulsively. They think today, and they leave for abroad tomorrow. And without thinking twice, they migrate illegally and face problems, like being cheated by brokers, or going to work without a work visa or without their forms.”

The project, which is focused primarily on migrants in Thailand, is funded by USAID and implemented by the NGO Winrock International.

CCFC event blocked yet again

Commune and district police on Thursday shut down a CCFC-organised agriculture and social education event in Ampil commune, Romeas Hek district, Svay Rieng province. Photo supplied

Soth Koemsoeun | The Phnom Penh Post 
Publication date 16 March 2018 | 09:44 ICT

A gathering in Svay Rieng province of some 40 villagers led by a farmers’ organisation was shut down by local police on Thursday because the group allegedly had not requested permission, though provincial authorities had been notified the week before.

The crackdown makes the event the fourth Cambodia Coalition of Farmer Community (CCFC) gathering this month to either be blocked by authorities or see its participants harassed over an alleged lack of official permission and unfounded suspicions the group is linked to an ex-opposition “movement”.

On Tuesday, authorities from the same district summoned villagers for questioning over alleged Cambodia National Rescue Movement connections after they and other communities organised by CCFC delivered a petition seeking the resolution of a land dispute.

CCFC staffers were questioned over similar fears after a Takeo meeting with farmers was broken up on March 6. An International Women’s Day event hosted by the group was dispersed by authorities a day later in Tbong Khmum.